Bring your AI ideas to life

Mosaic is an applied AI studio and consultancy that helps companies build and scale AI-first products. We work with startups and enterprises to build AI products that solve real-world problems.

What we do

Build on the world's most powerful LLMs

We are a team of data scientists and software engineers who are passionate about building AI-first products that can solve real business problems.

Add AI to an existing product

Integrate modern AI into your existing product. We can help you build a custom solution that fits your needs.

Build a new AI-powered product

Work with us to build a new product from scratch. We take care of everything from design to development.

Our services

We have built and scaled AI products from scratch. Here are some of our capabilities.


A ChatGPT-like chatbot trained on a dataset of your choice.


An agent that can be trained to perform a variety of tasks.


AI-powered workflows that can be used to automate your business.

Web Applications

Generative AI-powered web applications.

AI Assistants

Automated assistants that can be trained to execute specific tasks.

Data Collection

Data collection, scraping, and cleaning for use in production LLM products.


A community of AI builders, engineers, investors, and enthusiasts.

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